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Pier Bruno Scortecci

Pier Bruno Scortecci
Autore: Archivio biografie Mineralogical Record

Da Mineralogical Record Labels Archive

Pier Bruno (or Pierbruno) Scortecci was born in Arezzo, Italy on June 11, 1938, the son of a teacher, and is a professor himself. He first became interested in minerals in 1968, and has built a large collection of specimens, most of which measure between 5 x 5 and 10 x 10 cm. He is the author of numerous articles on minerals and mineral localities, including "The Niccioleta and Boccheggiano mines" (Mineralogical Record, 1980), "The Pereta mine" (Mineralogical Record, 1984), and "Minerals of the Elba pegmatite" (Mineralogical Record, 1985, with Paolo Orlandi), as well as articles in the Italian literature. 

He began dealing in minerals part-time in 1974, specializing in rare species and systematic mineralogy. But he does not consider himself a dealer now, as he sells specimens only in order to finance the improvement of his personal collection. He is especially interested in exchanging specimens, and has traveled widely in Morocco and Northern Europe. His labels carried the address Via Erbosa 15, Arezzo, Italy, until 1995; he has lived at Via G.Leopardi 61 in Arezzo since then. He can be reached through Maurizio Scortecci at mau.sc@flashnet.it, or see his website at http://web.tiscali.it/mineralsman/.


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